Startup - Yahoo League - 10 or 12 team - Flex - 0.5 PPR - FREE

Hey FootClan members,

I started a new league on Yahoo.

Looking for 10 to 12 teams.

Totally free, no buy in.

0.5 PPR.

1 QB
2 WR
2 RB
1 TE
1 W/R/T
1 K
1 D/ST
6 Bench

DRAFT: Tue, Sep 05, 9:00pm EDT


Open to any questions or concerns! Post below!

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Hey guys!

Looks like we have 7 teams as of right now.

I encourage anyone who is interested to please join.

I will let you all know if the league fills up.

This Redraft or dynasty?

This will be a redraft league!

Just joined! It’s my first footclan league!

The League is now full!

Thank you for joining!

I take that back, there is one spot left!

The league got deleted?

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It did get deleted wtf

I guess this is what happens when the commish misses the draft.

I created a New League for anyone in here that wants to play anyways, Drafts tonight at 9.

Link here:

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