Stash Adam Humphries or Dare Ogunbowale?

Half ppr

RBs: Devlin cook, ekeler, Coleman, ballage

I’m not going to lie, man. With the news of McCoy making my Thompson pick useless, I’m thinking the Ogunbowale cold be a nice stash. He could be the best back in TB.

Thanks man, I didn’t know this got posted. Halfway through making the post I realized how slim my RBs were

I’m looking at Ogunbowale as well, my RB’s are Kamara, Carson, Ingram, Sanders. I have L Fitz, DJax, Curtis Sam and Kyler on my bench - considering dropping one to wait and see but not sure who. I think Ogunbowale has a good chance

I have barber and just picked up Ogunbowale to stash it will be interesting he might end up as the best back down there.

Is anyone going to pick up before the season or see how week 1 goes for TB?