Stash Antonio Brown?

12 team league 6 playoff spots full PPR - will get either spot 5 or 6 in playoffs

Should I stash Antonio Brown who should be back by week 16? Debating dropping Marvin/Sutton. Thoughts?

Current Roster
Aaron Rodgers
Justin Jefferson
Brandin Cooks
Noah Fant
David Montgomery
Matt Gay

Courtland Sutton
Brandon Aiyuk
Darrell Williams
Marvin Jones
Buccaneers Defense

IR Mark Ingram

Ugh…I’m debating it as well and I think I’m holding on. I feel like Brady will throw to him immediately to reconnect when he comes back. Didn’t Bruce Arians say that if AB messed up once he’d be gone? That also worries me- but I think Brady just wants him there especially going in playoffs.

If I were to cut someone from your roster- I probably cut Sutton over Jones…Denver has some horrific match-ups coming up for WR. And the last game, Sutton just looks horrible.
Jones has Houston, Jets, and NE(yuck).

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I would stash AB.

Cut candidtates are Jones and/or Sutton. Both WRs have not had double digit fantasy games since week 6.

Not sure I’d be stashing AB. But I would definitely drop Marvin Jones and Courtland Sutton for higher upside stashes.

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Thanks all. Well with news of Montgomery not practicing yesterday, I had to pivot and dropped Marvin to stash Herbert instead. If Monty is a full go and AB is still there, maybe I’ll drop Herbert to get AB. Held on to Sutton for this long so fingers crossed he rewards my loyalty lol

Khalil Herbert is a great example of a stash I prefer over those other guys. Well done!

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