Stash Ekeler or Richard?

Which one would you rather stash on your bench for RB depth, assuming you’re not the Melvin Gordon owner?

I lean Richard. Although I think the case can be made either way.

Richard is the safer stash, but Ekeler has been really good even with Melvin going off every week. I have Gordon and Ekeler, I actually have gotten more trade offers for Ekeler. Without an injury to Gordon however, Ekeler cannot reach the potential that Richard has right now, even taking into account how good he has been while playing second fiddle to Gordon.

Richard is the number one now at oak so that’s a plus but Ekler just balls out mock of the time and that’s with Gordon in the backfield as well. It’s up to you, what offense do you like the best.

Agree with everything above. Depends what you are looking for. Richard will never be a workhorse back and will never be on an elite offense, so Ekeler has the uspide. But Richards role is larger right now and higher floor option. Especially in any sort of ppr.