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Stash Elijah McGuire or Trenton Cannon?


Stash Elijah McGuire or Trenton Cannon?


Jets fan here. McGuire has performed before, someone in my league just spent $17 of faab on McGuire, he’s a nice stash. Cannon is still interesting though. The Jets have had a rough go of things for a while when it comes to finding a starting rb from the draft. Crowell will get work, McGuire will get touches. Cannon would be a shot in the dark, but he is absolutely a sparq freak. I wouldn’t be surprised if he got a nice snap count down the stretch just to see what they have in him. These smaller backs are becoming more prominent(T.Cohen, A. Ekeler, P. Lindsay…) Who knows what he could do, but McGuire is definitely the safer pick.

Sparq scores from the draft this year: https://3sigmaathlete.com/rankings/running-back/


Wow, thanks nfalcon1! I hadn’t heard of SPARQ - checking it out now…