Stash golden tate?

My wr: Michael Thomas, Kenny G, Cooper Kupp, Alshon Jeffery, Courtland Sutton

Drop Sutton for Tate? Whats to expect from him and Eli after the suspension?

Honestly, I think Tate will be Eli’s safety valve. He loved Engram his rookie season, and Eli needs more short receivers as he seems to be playing more and more panicked every year. And, if Daniel Jones takes over, he’s going to need Tate to help him become more comfortable in the NFL. I like Sutton, and I think he’ll probably have some amazing games, but Flacco likes to spread the ball around.

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I dropped Kenny Stills for Tate… figuring Tate would be closer to a startable WR when he returns than Stills. That said, I am not sure Tate will be better than Sutton. Don’t think it would be worth giving up a few games of Sutton to get Tate.


Why doesn’t Kenny stills pop up in the start sit tool or wr rankings?

I want to believe the Sutton hype, but it’s like I said, Flacco spreads the ball around. I can’t even remember when Flacco had a consistent WR fantasy-wise. The Ravens were always run first, but Flacco seemed to trust both Anquan Boldin and Torrey Smith. Since those two, I can’t think of a Raven’s WR worth more than a WR2 or 3. I don’t know if that’s because Flacco is on his downswing, or the WRs simply weren’t as good. Courtland Sutton could be a beast, but given the last few years in Baltimore, I wouldn’t hold my breath. I would’ve dropped Stills over Sutton, though…with all that said. Stills is going to be a distraction or tag-in for Houston’s other weapons. He’ll catch a few balls, but we all know who Watson is going to target…