Stash Hines or Mattison?

Hey all

I’m in a 10 team 0.5PPR, 5 man bench.

My team is
Jacobs, Drake, Howard, Gibson, Hines
Woods, Allen, Ridley, Jeudy, Harry

Question is. Should I drop Hines for Mattison? I really like the colts this year, and my first thought was I’m better off having someone on my bench I could play. But the upside is better for Mattison if Cook gets hurt?

I think I’ve convinced myself to do it just typing it out, but some reassurance would be great!

It just depends on what you are more comfortable with. Hines isn’t a stash, he’s got a defined pass-catching role in the offense, and will be a decent flex play if you ever need him. There is little unknown with him.

Mattison is a an upside stash, but could be a total waste of a spot.

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