Stash Jordy?

Someone dropped Jordy and it’s rumored rodgers could be back week 15.Is this worth the ultimate flyer stash, or not worth my time. Other WRs on my roster are Evans, Diggs, Crabtree, Marvin Jones, Watkins. (1/2 pt ppr, 3wr no flex league)

I have Jordy and I’m considering dropping. If you have the space to hold on to him, you’re good on RB’s, and there aren’t any other WR’s out there, then I say why not. Kind of depends on your playoff position? If you’re golden, go for it. If you’re on the fringe, it might be more useful to have a better flex option for these next couple of weeks

Rodgers is practicing. I have the same option and a deep bench. I am going to stash him. He could be a league winner. I doubt there is a similar talent out there on the wire.