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Stash Mcfadden, Cohen or Breida?


12 Team Half Point PPR

I have 1 stash spot on my bench… Breida is on waivers and im interested… Im pretty set at RB for the season and snagged McFadden incase Zeke doesn’t play… But now i’m hearing a lot about the 49ers shopping Hyde…

Would it be worth me taking a flyer and picking up Breida?.. If I did, I would have to drop Cohen or McFadden…

Would you do it?.. if so, would you drop Cohen or McFadden to pick him up?


Do it, like you said it us a stash and no guarantee that McFadden is the true handcuff.


Im just hearing so much chatter about the Breida kid… im thinking it might be worth it…


Just got an alert that Zeke might not be suspended now… McFadden has been dropped lol