Stash or Scoop?

Need opinions.

Keep stashing Nyheim Hines


FA Pickup
Quincy Enunwa
John Ross
Austin Ekeler

I have a clear 3 RB in front of Hines on my roster.


i really like enunwa, if you watched that jet’s game the other night he was clearly a favorite target of sam darnold.

if he has another good game this week, i guarantee he’ll be one of the top pickups next week, if he hasn’t been already.

Yeah you’re right. I watched the game and he was clearly the Target fav for Darnold. If I drop hines for him, ill only have 3 RBs rostered. All have different byes so i could manage, but thats kind of thin. Thoughts?

Depends really on your team and the needs of others. If you truly are that thin at RB, maybe your best option really is to sit on him.

Another path could be to flip one of your better RB’s into 2 middle of the road RB’s, to diversify so to speak.

I’ll say this though, 3 solid RB’s (2 starters and 1 bye week filler) would be enough for me, as you can always fill the gaps with waiver wire pickups that will inevitably occur through out the season.