Stash or Trash - Courtland Sutton

10 Team Re-draft - is he worth holding on to? If Sanders or Thomas get hurt, he will be in for a huge role. But, it feels like well mostly see what we have the past 2 weeks unless one of those injuries were to occur.

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Are you looking to pick someone up that has better potential? If not i would keep him… like you said if sanders or DT get hurt he will have a massive increase in production

I have Allen, Cooper, Davis, and Watkins as my other WR’s

Currently on the waivers are John Brown, Quincy Enunwa, and Keelan Cole.

Also, Just so you are aware i have Gurley, Howard, Collins, Barber, Kerryon and Breida on the bench.

Thats the other thing, I have 2 stashes in Kerryon and Sutton. I feel like thats too many stashes.

DT was limping at the game winning drive yesterday(he even dropped and easy pass because of the injury), you should check on that… and kerryon might get more play time next week is blout gets suspended, since he was ejected from the lions game

checking on that right now!

I didnt see anything regarding DT getting hurt. No one has even mentioned it.

I thought it was Sanders and that he returned a few plays later.