Stash Patterson or

Full PPR, I have Patterson stashed just to see what happens with another week in this backfield.

Are Sony or Sermon better stashes, or Mooney at WR and see what he does with Fields?

I think Mooney is the best stash here. If you need an RB I like Patterson. Sermon probably has highest ceiling but also has a floor of being useless. Patterson at a minimum should provide flex consideration weekly (not top option flex but still)


In fairness I don’t need either they’re just lottery tickets for the bench.

I could wait until the Friday practice reports on the 49ers RBs sheds some light (or no light if they’re all fit!). Sermon won’t lock until after Patterson/Mooney play. So could see any decide then.

Mooney picking up another injury niggle put me off grabbing him off waivers to be honest.

That’s fair. I just really liked Mooney coming into the season and he’s been looking pretty good with Dalton who stinks. If fields gets the passing game going think Mooney could return wr2 type numbers

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