Stash Two, Drop One

Ronald Jones
Aaron Jones
Anthony Miller

Fully PPR

Drop ROJO.

If your league knows what they’re doing? Drop RoJo.

If they don’t? Drop Miller.

can you explain on that?


All three have potential for second half emergences. If you drop Aaron Jones, I feel like he’d get picked up because of status and the offense he’s in.

A lot of in the know Fantasy guys like Anthony Miller. People who follow the hype hate RoJo. You want to drop the lease desirable nor in your eyes, but your leaguemates as well because you know you can drop them and get them back later on if you change your mind.

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Makes sense. Thanks

Though I want to believe in ROJO, he does have the longest road to starting or getting a reasonable workload.

Just drop ROJO. In a PPR league, there are like 40 other RBs I’d rather own than ROJO. You’re not going to be able to start him.

Don’t run the risk of Miller going for a good game. Regardless of what your league mates know or don’t know, miller will have a better shot of show casing something than ROJO does. Especially given its PPR scoring.