Stashing in the IR Spot

My leagues have an IR spot.

Who do you think would be the best to stash?

D’onta Foreman
Devontae Freeman
Elijah McGuire
Kenneth Dixon
or anyone else you guys can think of.

I currently have foreman in all of them, what do you all think?

I’d lean Foreman or McGuire with the Powell news. Definitely not Freeman, he may get off (I think) week 16 and I would never play him first game back in championship week.

Yeah that’s a good point, I guess it comes down to Foreman or McGuire :thinking:

Is mcguire close atvall? I haven’t heard his name uttered once. Just added Cannon…

I’m stashing fkreman atm. Don’t think D Freemen is worth it at all. I doubt he plays regular season again

McGuire returned to practice this week and is eligible to return Week 9.