Stated out all players, here are QB1s PPR

|P. Mahomes|KC|414.6|
|A. Luck|IND|389.45|
|A. Rodgers|GBP|370.85|
|D. Watson|HOU|369.2|
|C. Wentz|PHI|360.35|
|C. Newton|CAR|354.75|
|J. Winston|TB|351.8|
|D. Prescott|DAL|349.05|
|J. Goff|LAR|341.2|
|B. Roethlisberger|PIT|339.3|
|B. Mayfield|CLE|336.9|
|R. Wilson|SEA|334.95|

Thoughts? Dak was a big surprise to me

Overall I would agree with most of it. I think Winston and Wentz are a little too high and I feel like Brees would be somewhere in the top 12 along with Wilson being a little higher. I like Dak, but I was kinda surprised when I saw him at 8, see him more around 10-11

This isn’t my top 12, just what I stated out using objective conservative numbers

Following their bye week (and the acquisition of Cooper) Dak was the QB 8 to finish the season. I think it makes some sense. Goff also looks about right to me.