Stated out all players, here are RB1s and 2s PPR

|A. Kamara|NO|368.84|
|E. Elliot|DAL|359.99|
|S. Barkely|NYG|356.05|
|C. McCaffery|CAR|329.3|
|M. Gordon|LAC|302.73|
|J. Connor|PIT|301.46|
|David Johnson|ARI|297.35|
|T. Gurley|LAR|293.11|
|L. Bell|NYJ|291.89|
|J. Mixon|CIN|274.7|
|D. Williams|KC|265.66|
|A. Jones|GBP|258.96|

|K. Drake|MIA|258.34|
|K. Johnson|DET|254.42|
|J. Jacobs|OAK|254.26|
|D. Cook|MIN|252.96|
|M. Mack|IND|230.62|
|D. Freeman|ATL|226.8|
|C. Carson|SEA|226.01|
|R. Penny|SEA|218.64|
|N. Chubb|CLE|218.46|
|M. Ingram|BAL|208.15|
|L. Fournette|JAX|207.37|
|D. Montgomery|CHI|206.85|

Penny and Carson both being 2s surprised me.

my first instinct is to question volume monsters being stated out behind Kamara. but honestly, the top 5 ish you cold put in any order and im cool with it. plus kamara has a path to getting the volume like zeke or barkley.

after that, im not a fan of connor over DJ, and i would move up freeman to kerryons spot, kerryon to williams spot, and williams down to freemans old spot. and then as you said, carson and penny as 2s doesnt feel good, so at the least i would give the nod to other players over them. basically put them just ahead of montgomery, but behind chubb, ingram, and fournette.

so basically, the usual nit picky things that rankings always get. i dont think you are out of line with any of these, i just dont completely agree is all. besides, im guessing carson and penny got to where they are because of the pure volume going through seattle so they really could both end up right there which would be crazy to see.

I think you’re a little high on Kamara. I think he will be around the 350 range, but can’t really complain. The top 3 here will all be around the same. CMC i’m down on. Last season he had 107 receptions…he won’t repeat that. I think CAR will spread the ball around a lot more. David Johnson, to me, is too low. I’d even go as high as putting him in the 4th spot ahead of CMC. Chubb/Fournette are too low IMOP as well. Also, I would add James White to this list in the RB2 range for PPR, he finished RB7 last season and should get more targets with Gronk gone. White/Edelman are the only two left on the roster there that Brady trusts.

I agree with both of you, my rankings are closer to what you two said. This was just an exercise I did where I only used data and numbers to see where everyone landed

That Seattle backfield is going to get a lot of volume, and sans Mike Davis, it’s a two man show and they’re both going to get enough work to stay relevant (barring injury).

I think Penny has a higher ceiling though… he had like an 8.5% breakaway run rate last year… 6th among qualified RBs despite not looking like an NFL back until late in the year. If he gets the chance, I could see him getting the 60% of a 60/40 split and a hair more receiving work.