Stated out all players, here are WR1s and 2S PPR

|J. Smith-Schuster|PIT|304.95|
|M. Thomas|NOS|297|
|J. Jones|ATL|291|
|D. Adams|GBP|285.89|
|D. Hopkins|HOU|284.09|
|M. Evans|TB|283|
|A. Brown|OAK|282.42|
|T. Hill|KC|268.68|
|A. Thielen|MIN|264.89|
|O. Beckham Jr|CLE|257.4|
|K. Allen|LAC|243.77|
|S. Diggs|MIN|239.46|

|TY Hilton|IND|232.3|
|K. Golladay|DET|228.66|
|J. Edleman|NE|222.98|
|A. Cooper|DAL|222.72|
|AJ Green|CIN|222.4|
|T. Lockett|SEA|213.22|
|C. Godwin|TB|207.15|
|C. Kupp|LAR|204.23|
|R. Woods|LAR|202.88|
|B. Cooks|LAR|202.14|
|A. Jeffery|PHI|200.7|
|DJ Moore|CAR|200|

JuJu at 1, Lockett and Godwin as 2s surprised me

I like JuJu and have him on one of my dynasty teams, but I think Adams, Hopkins and Jones will finish higher, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he finished 4. Also think OBJ will be a little higher and Thielen a little lower. For the WR2s, in general I agree besides locket being too high, I think Cooks will finish ahead of lockett and the other rams, then I would think Tyler Boyd finishes as a 2 and someone like moore or Jeffery falls out of the 2 range. Also wouldn’t shock me if Hilton snuck into the WR1s

I agree with all of that. These were just objective conservative numbers, my opinion removed

I think Juju at #1 assumes he’ll be the primary beneficiary of Browns vacated targets, but there are some excellent receiving options in that offense behind him that have me capping him around the 175 target mark…

I think only Adams/Hopkins/Julio have the ceiling to be the top guy in 2019, and Michael Thomas is a PPR monster, but I think he and Brees have reached their ceiling last year which has him at the WR4 spot and no higher in my rankings.

out of curiosity, are your numbers for hill including a suspension of any kind?

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As of now, no. I projected everyone who is currently healthy and not suspended for a 16 game season. I also don’t include any 40+ yard bonuses or any other kind of additional scoring