Stats websites

Hey all- I know alot of people on here like to do their own projections and rankings and was wondering what websites you use to gather the stats?

Anyone on here actually do fantasy football for a living?

Thanks guys! good luck this week

Bumping to see if anyone has any sites they use

Also interested

I think it really depends on how serious you want to get. is where a lot of the next gen stats can be found… along with a ton of other stuff.

I haven’t subscribed myself (yet), but I know that’s one place to go. I think a year’s subscription is $200.00

Sheesh… sounds like a good business model lol . Cool, ill check it out. Any others?

1 Like is where I go, I don’t have a subscription so I can only see their free stats.

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Are FF projections based mostly off averages from players vs their matchup?

FantasyPro’s has some good free content

They let you import your league for free and recommend waiver pickups and 1 for 1 trades with other teams in your league