STD: trade Julio for Melvin and mclaurin?

I’m really thin on RB depth. Would you guys do this?

QB: Allen
RB: Conner, Jacobs, Jackson, Murray, Mattison, Gallaman
WR: Jones, Cooks, Allen, hardman
Te: engram

Ty for the advice

If they say yes I would. There is so much WR talent out there- I know Julio is elite but it’s harder to get RB depth. I’d do it.

Side question for you- how are you feeling about having Josh Allen( I assume is Josh and not Kyle?) this weekend? I’m debating dropping him and streaming Brissett.

Haha yeah it’s Josh. And thank you for the feedback. It’s a standard league so I know RB value is higher.

For your situation, I lean Josh. I can see that game going 1 of 2 ways. The pats jump up and Josh has to throw a ton, and play from behind. The other is a closer game where the bills are really trying to run a lot. I don’t think they win in a shoot out. Either way I could see Allen having a 2-3 TD game with added rushing.

For the beef brisket. I honestly think they will be in a positive game script. I could see them jumping out and leading. Then working the ball on the ground. I think he’s been averaging 2 TDs a week at least. But one thing that hurts him is ty might not play. If he doesn’t I would be nervous to play him. Do you see that game being a shoot out?

I think Allen will be a lot end QB1 with brisket not far behind. Also I haven’t looked at the Vegas odds yet. Been pretty busy. But I like to use as a tool to get an idea on what they are looking at.

Cooks and Keenan Allen should help you get through…especially Allen this weekend. Just read a report that Scary Terry might not play this weekend but why even look his way when you still have Allen and Cooks. You need that RB help- Justin Jackson was seeing in a walking boot today so we might not get to see an explosive goodbye game.

Now that is some great feedback from you! Thank you.

That’s sort of what I’m thinking about Allen especially playing at home. I’m thinking more of a defensive game more than anything.

As for Brisset…where’s the beef!? I agree with everything you said. If TY was in I would be all in.

Haha church :facepunch:. I might over think everything. But I love trying to know all the facts and details before making the decision.

Also I messed up when I posted my roster. I meant Allen Robinson not Keenan. That’s what I get for posting during a training session haha.