Steelers d/st for Gurley?

Crazy offer to me…I’d get Gurley. Is there something I’m missing? The Steelers have a great schedule going forward and I’d probably have to stream d’s going forward…but it seems too good to pass up. Thoughts?

It’s a strange offer. Do you need rb help?

Would you actually use Gurley? The Steelers are pretty much a set it and forget it DST the rest of the season. I personally would keep the Steelers

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Strange offer, if you don’t need RB help I wouldn’t do it. Pitt is playing well and you can use them rest of season

Not really. My RBs are Chubb, Fournette, Ingram, Montgomery, Conner, and Hunt. Really was seeing if I’d take him then flip Montgomery for a receiver and D combo trade.

You don’t need that trade. Your perfect good at RB. You can go out and try and trade Montgomery for a WR and you’ll still be perfectly fine at RB. No need for gurley

Could probably flip Monty and Conner now for a pretty solid wr.

Keep Pitt, you’re stronger with them ROS.

Yeah I think that’s what I’ll do. My receivers are J. Jones, A. Cooper, Woods, and AJ Green. Probably gonna flip Monty or Conner for a receiver