Steelers or Eagles defense

I have eagles defense at home vs Arizona. Is there a better option on my available list?
Jets, 49ers, Ravens, Dolphins, Titans, Brows, Raiders, Chargers, Steelers. I that order.
Just trying to get points in non-PPR

Honestly… maybe the Ravens? Manuel is almost a lock to get picked off once or twice. And Oakland knows this, so they’ll probably just try to keep it on the ground with Lynch/Washington/Richard. Ravens gave up a bunch of yardage to Bell last week on the ground, but it was mostly on volume, not efficiency.

I’m starting Philly as well, but I’m not super comfortable about it given how many yards they give up. I’m just hoping they’ll get to Palmer 4-5 times and maybe force a fumble or a pick.

I’m starting the Steelers. At home they should be looking good.