Steelers or Ravens D for 1st round of Playoffs?

I am sweating over this. Steelers D has been amazing since the Minkah trade, but last game against Cleveland is scaring me. Ravens D is much improved, and I think will make Jimmy G uncomfortable and create a few turnovers. I believe in the Ravens D more, but I feel like the Steelers D at home with a second chance at the Browns will ultimately have the better day. Any advice/help is greatly appreciated!

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My DST model projects the Steelers to be the DST5 this week and the Ravens to be the DST10, so I would go with the Steelers. My model is below for reference. Good luck!

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Thank you!

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I am thinking a great defense can be a great offense at times.

Cleveland could be an issue but being a rivalry game I would think that you would see a good output from the Ravens D - their stats have been great. However, I am rolling with them in one of my leagues.