Steelers / Titans postponed - what do now?

as a Big Ben and Jonnu owner, what are we doing?

Game could be on Monday, could happen at another week.

Drop Big Ben for Jared Goff, Stafford, Fitzmagic (hate chasing his points), Jimmy G, Carr

updates coming fast, game is gonna be monday/tuesday.

chances it happens? hold steady on all players?

Have to wait until more information. I think it’ll go ahead this week just probably not Sunday.

yeah, looking like they are pushing for monday/tuesday after titans have 1 more positive today.

wonder how many it will take to fully postpone. i know the ballers talked to it yesterday, nfl is a next man up type of league. quarantine the sick play with the healthy.

trying not to panic on this but want to be ready, but i dont have a back up QB or a backup TE where im starting Jonnu.

Last i saw no skill position players had been affected yet, so assuming the game is still scheduled i’d say full steam ahead and roll with what you got. if you HAVE to take an L this week then so be it, would rather take an L and try again next week then dump my good players just to fill a lineup

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Thats where im trying to corner myself lol, i dont really have others im wanting to drop for backup QB right now, (droppables - Mattison, Lindsay - even then, i dont WANT to drop either)

3-0 in the league with Big Ben

2-1 in the league with Jonnu - could drop ruggs for Shultz, Gigantor, Logan Thomas if need be

I don’t think there’s a rush since none of them are playing Thursday night, you could just wait and see what they announce on saturday and make your decisions then. They’ll have a firm date by then

patience is a struggle for me and fantasy, but im following what youre saying. have players identified to swap but holding for now.

you see where the NFL is threatening to take back draft picks if coaches/staff dont wear masks on sideline?? shewww i know some fans that are gonna be livid if their coach loses draft picks lol

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