Stefan Diggs & Phillip Rivers for Brandin Cooks & Kirk Cousins

I had to auto draft and ended up with Stefan Diggs & Adam Thielen 23/24 after picking up Gurley first overall.
I feel like I should trade one of them and had an offer: thoughts on the trade straight up & if it hurts value to have Cooks & Gurley on the same team?

My first post, thanks for any and all feedback.

Team overall:
Royce Freeman
Marv Jones

Bench Spots all WR2/3 or RB 2/3.

i would not do that trade. i would wait to see how they use Diggs this year. he could be a WR1.

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The Rams spread the ball around too much for me to trust Cooks. I would go for someone like Cooper or Landry or Allen.

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