Stefon Diggs for Mark Ingram?

I’ve got Diggs and just lost Michel. My other rbs are cook Murray Barkley clement and Royce. my wrs are Funchess Michael Thomas Demaryius and Kupp. Should I make the trade?

I personally would not with your team. And with this being a craZy week for waiver adds esp at RB. It’s not wrong to do it and could turn out to be the right call for you, I just don’t like it as much as keepif Diggs and working something else out w RB’s. Michel isn’t done for the season either.

I’m leaning towards not doing because I’m 5-1 about to be 6-1 and playing last place next week. Still want to try and boost my rb position but don’t want to give up Diggs for less than a surefire rb1. What is Ingram’s value ros?

Ingram isn’t someone I’m targeting or wanting to own ROS. The trend was already there last year, he was getting phased out in favor of Kamara. A trend which continued into this week. And he got a big game on his first game back cause of gamescript and rest for Kamara.

Saints have a brutal running back schedule coming up which favors Kamara much more than Ingram as well.

To me, Ingram is a middling RB2 with low RB1 upside on the high end but unlikely to be the case. He is far from a surefire RB1 if that’s what you’re looking for. I lost Michel in my leagues as well, luckily its an MCL sprain so he’ll probably be back in a few weeks but doesn’t help me in the interim much. I have Ito smith so going to see how he developes in tonight’s game and make decisions after that.

What are the type of players you would give for Diggs atm? I’m trying to acquire him in some of my leagues. Its funny that this post is up because after tonight, i’ll be either 3-4 or 2-5 in my league of record and was thinking of moving some of my RBs. Ingram, Cook, Yeldon, Kerryon, Carson

I would think that diggs is a buy low only because of the 2 down weeks, hence my reluctance to sell for anything less than an rb1. The rb situation is so poor however that there aren’t many guys that I would do straight up. I was thinking like Mixon or CMC coming off 2 slower weeks

I am trying to get Diggs using Jimmy Graham maybe, or maybe Matt Ryan/Cam Newton. And something else less significant.

Only thing I’m taking for diggs is a mid-low WR1, cause tat is what I view him as ROS.

Isn’t that like Juju level?

Yeah. I have him and JuJu very close in my ROS rankings.

Isn’t that just a lateral move at best though? They both have high upside in high powered offenses, if they’re that close why even make the trade?

I’m not talking about trading Diggs for JuJu. That’s meaningless. @BLumsden09 asked me what I think Diggs is worth. And I said mid to low WR1 which is what JuJu is. I’m just confirming they are similar values. Not saying I would trade Diggs for JuJu.

I understand it’s not specific to juju but that’s the point any mid to low wr1 would be a lateral trade with no real improvement to either team. That’s the same category diggs falls into so trading him for that wouldn’t really be accomplishing anything. If you could turn him into an obj or a Davonte Adams or Julio or even ty barring injury that would actually be an upgrade

Dude I think we are missing wavelengths here. I am not saying to trade diggs for another WR1. I am saying, you should get the value of a mid-low end WR1. I.e. a high end RB2 or something of that nature. No one is saying to make any of the lateral moves you’re suggesting. We’re saying the same thing.

Hey @MikeMeUpp any take aways from the Coleman/Smith backfield after this week or do we need a bit more sample size? Ito is still a hold for me but i was disappointed for sure. Do you see this as a weekly headache ROS of is it just Coleman time now and Ito is a high end handcuff at this stage?

Tough call. I’m definitely not dropping him yet. To be honest with you, neither of them did much. It just so happened that on the one play where the Falcons Oline decided to block and there was a giant hole, coleman was on the field and scored a TD. That could have just as easily been Ito. Coleman doesn’t really look good at all, he was averaging like <2 ypc until that one big run. Neither was Ito though. Falcons Oline probably had a lot to do with that. I’d be fine with people selling coleman right now on the backs of that TD. The snaps split was still like 57/43 so relatively even.

I need to see a couple more games maybe before I make a decision on this one.

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Is Breida and Baldwin fair for Diggs?

That’s fair and honestly my take as well, one more game and if it’s Ito that has the fantasy points in a similar senerio I’ll maybe look to a package sell or something to a RB needy team but he’s a hold and see for now for sure