Stephon diggs trade

Well I have Diggs paired with Odell, but due to the dying career and of Eli, Diggs is my number one receiver. Now if I wanted to shop out there for him any suggestions on what I can go for ?

don’t… both are elite talents coming off poor production

As a Vikings fan I watched Patrick Peterson shadow Diggs all day… Thielen and Diggs are truly 1A and 1B in this offense… Diggs is the deep threat, home run play, as well as the red zone force to compliment Rudolph… Thielen soaks up the underneath targets, yards, and production

You’d be selling low on Diggs (based off his production) and I don’t feel like a 2 for 1 combo would recoup enough value

If you wanted to trade him for a RB I’d suggest targeting a deep team’s 3rd RB but otherwise stand pat