Stepping Out on Vetoes and How to Keep In Line

I’m the commissioner of a long term competitive superflex league that because of its competitive nature, generally polices itself.

The issue:
We voted as a group a few years back to switch over to collusion only based vetoing. (Good thing)

This year however, I (the commissioner) was involved in a trade after week 7 (Thursday game-the Mahomes injury game) and the league decided to lose its mind, neglect the rules, and throw a fit until I agreed to cancel the trade.

The trade FYI:
Me Getting: Saquon Barkley, Davante Adams, Patrick Mahomes

Me Giving: Dalvin Cook, Joe Mixon, John Brown, Carlos Hyde

I understand in a vacuum this trade looks crazy lopsided, but keep in mind all three of the guys I was getting were injured at the time, 2 of them were at risk for being shut down for the season, and based on injury and bye timelines I wouldn’t have all 3 players at the same time for 6 weeks.

At time of trade I was 4-2 in 1st place(most pts). He was 2-4 in last place(last pts). 12 team league.

I was leveraging my position to improve for the playoffs(8 teams make playoffs). He was scrambling to make playoffs and get out of toilet bowl.

In addition to not being a veto based on collusion, the league also did not complete the terms necessary to veto a trade based on our old veto rules which required a majority to post for a veto as well as each post valid reasons why they think a veto is appropriate. (They did have 6 people post to veto, but only 3 posted reasons). The reason being people were vetoing every trade in our league infancy and we decided they should at least have to take the time to write something coherent.

When they did not complete either of the two methods of veto, and after much thought, I stated I would be pushing the trade through.(as I would have done for any other member due to there being no collusion)

Peeps threw a fit and the threat of the league disbanding was very real.

In the end, we rescinded the trade in order to keep the league together.

Keeping a tally on the players to be traded, the last place team would have been able to avoid the toilet bowl had the trade gone through(we travel for our draft and have a cheerleader outfit at the draft/night out punishment so this is significant)

My team would have ended up in… exactly the same playoff position.

This is the second time this same group of guys has thrown a fit about a trade and threatened the fabric of our league. (The first time I was not involved in the trade, so I was able to keep them at bay under our rules as commissioner ultimately)

They were worried about us neglecting our fiduciary responsibility to them (it’s a few hundred dollar buy in) however they failed in their fiduciary responsibility to us.

It’s a great group of guys. But need to prevent this happening in the future. How do you keep squeaky wheels from getting too much power in a league? (Some of our wheels can be very squeaky)

Most importantly: What is an adequate punishment for guys in our league that went outside of our rules and threatened mutiny… and then ended up flat out wrong?

I had a similar issue this season in my sflex dynasty. I’m the commisioner and was also involved in the trade… No one threatened to quit the league, but ours isn’t for $ like yours is.

I traded AJ Brown, Minshew, Chase Edmonds and 2020 late 1st for
Matt Ryan, Julio Jones, David Johnson and Antonio Brown

the league-mate I traded with was in a clear rebuild, and we both agreed to the trade in a collusion veto only league. That didn’t stop several members freaking out saying how lopsided the trade was etc. They aren’t saying anything now that AJ Brown is destroying and is clearly the best player in the deal, but at the time there was huge uproar. This trade went down week 9 right before Foles was coming back, Kenyan Drake hadn’t emerged yet and AB was still possible to come back.

We argued for weeks, and as far as I know people are still upset about it. There’s nothing you can really do as a league manager but enforce the written rules. If people want to quit your dynasty league because of stupid reasons, there’s not much you can do to stop them from doing so. I have had to replace a few members in our league, and it isn’t too hard to find someone to replace even rebuilding rosters, so if this ever happens in the future I hope you stick to your guns and tell them to read the rules or find a new league.

Never let those guys that threatened to leave the league live this down. Remind them of how stupid they were every day until they apologize. That’s what my petty ass would do LOL.

Basically no one knows the future. These guys that were threatening to leave are just upset they didn’t make a good trade to benefit their team and other managers’ teams are improving.

I’m sorry you had to go through this. Those guys put you in a terrible spot.

There is no absolute correct answer to this dilemma. There should never be votes from owners on trades. It should always lay on the shoulders of the commissioner! But in this case we have the commissioner and a owner making a trade that the entire league was against. I honestly do not see where the problem lays here? If the commissioner has to justify this trade in any way there lies the problem right there! Let me recap this very trade:

Me Getting: Saquon Barkley, Davante Adams, Patrick Mahomes

Me Giving: Dalvin Cook, Joe Mixon, John Brown, Carlos Hyde

The league spoke out entirely on this trade and I believe it has everything to do with the fact the other owner was heading to the toilet bowl. The league needs to be ran by all the owners with the commissioner having final say. You need to listen to your league as commish because in the future they need to be able to trust you, not worry about whether your calls are valid or not.

No votes/vetos on trades
Commissioner has final say

I run a very high dollar money league and have had to shut down only two trades in our leagues 19 year history. The owners trust me and they were the ones who nominated me to be the commissioner so I have to stand tall and watch out for the leagues validity in the future. Its a shame that this is even a issue and honestly that proposed trade is one of the worst I have ever seen. Just being honest but if you are looking for some kind of validation about that situation you need to ask the ones playing in it and not have them write some essay as to why it is not invalid. This may sound harsh due to you thinking this trade was valid but trust me when I say a trade between a owner who is in the playoffs and one that is probably not is always going to look bad. Good luck next year!

I’ve done my best to remind the fellas they screwed up on a weekly basis up until the playoffs.(was kind of fun after everyone calmed down a bit) Still waiting for that first apology. Though I did get one of the guys to agree to take a shot for the veto at least.

It’s a start. :+1:

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I agree if the trade were in a vacuum it would be crap.

But you’re not accounting for any of extenuating circumstances BOTH sides of the trade listed when wanting to make the trade. Ie, injuries, schedules, where we both were at the time of the trade, what had just happened the night before(mahomes dislocating his kneecap), State of mind, leverage, etc.

I was giving up the clear best player in the trade. All of the players I was receiving were injured and would not be useful for several weeks. (None were useful until the playoffs, we weren’t wrong). Take into account I was in first and sitting pretty, and he was in last and scrambling, and it’s clear he would have to do something special to give up the best player in the trade plus take on only injured guys (again, two of which at the time were not known whether they would play out the season or not)

*We have weekly payouts for most points which I was surrendering FYI

The guy receiving the other side of the trade had no depth because he spent all his auction $$$ on getting those 3 guys.

The validation we needed was received in that the results of the trade would have been EXACTLY how we said they would be. Believe me, I posted it weekly for our league to see.

**At the time of the trade I was in 1st place at 4-2.(most pts) Guy I traded with was in last place at 2-4(least pts). Not exactly someone giving up on league. His team had just exploded(in a bad way) and he was trying to avoid the toilet bowl.

Like I said, I would have approved this trade for 11 other guys as commish. No reason I shouldn’t have also been allowed to also approve it for myself.

I’m only asking for appropriate ways to punish friends who threatened to disband a league and even borderline ruin friendships unless they were allowed to not play by the rules they themselves voted for.

I won the league btw. So lucky for them, punishment can be fun. :wink:

And you are looking for a way to punish these guys that don’t see it the way you do? As commish you have to value the other owners in the league. Looking for a way to punish them due to your own doing is pretty silly. You are still trying to validate the trade…its not working now just like it did not then. Barkley, Adams and Mahomes for what? Cook? Really dude? Cmon man! You cant spin this in any way that will sound legit. The fact they were injured at the time is your way of knowing those players would come back and dominate…like all 3 did. You said you won the Super Bowl, did this magnificant trade go through? If so thats a huge shame

I thought I was clear I was looking for fun punishment ideas for my league mates breaking their own rules. Kinda crappy of them really.

Not really sure what you’re getting worked up about. Didn’t ask for advice on the trade. Just provided details for context and so this thread wouldn’t be boring. Ran this trade through multiple trade analyzers at the time and it was fine. But let’s not let actual research get in the way of a little rant, right?

PS if you value injured guys the same as you value healthy guys, please, please, please invite me to your big money league. :+1:

See, another persons opinion has you thinking I’m getting “worked up”. Whatever, you should not have posted the exact circumstances on a forum if you are not mature enough to hear what someone else may think. I’ll play along, have the infidels who disagreed with you wear donkey heads to draft day at a public place. That way they can really understand what kind of year it will be. Good luck in the future and grats on winning the Super Roll

Edit: Who were these multiple trade analyzers at the time of the trade?

You’re being very aggressive which makes it look like you are “worked up”

That’s fun. Half of them probably already own the donkey heads anyway. :grin:

FantasyPros is generally my go to since it’s easy to put in all our league settings(nice plug), but because it caused such a raucous in our league, I googled fantasy football trade analyzers and put it in about the first 10-15 as best I could. (Not all could account for superflex)

Same thing I do anytime there is an issue with any trade. :man_shrugging:

If this is a super flex league and the trade had gone thrue, I would prob. Not have returned next year. Would not have argued just stated that the league would not be fun for me. I think to have other GMs accept thoose types of deals you would need a few picks or younger upside players to be part of the deal. Hyde and Brown would never retain value. When “stupid” GM’s makes skewed trades it really ruins leagues for many years.
I enjoy trading and always try to “win” the the trades but there is a balance. That should basically be part of your mindset when making the deal. Good luck

Just to be clear, this was not for a dynasty league. It was redraft.

It’s kind of interesting to hear such strong takes on this trade having been away from the trade itself for so long.

Just my 2 cents on the trade, but the analyzers said the trade was fine, the reasons each team made the trade were sound, and ultimately each team would have benefitted significantly from the trade based on the actual results(which reflected the original reasons for the trade).

He would have finished 4th with the trade (slipping into the playoffs as the 5 seed). I would have finished 1st.

Those seem like kind of the exact reasons to make trades in my book.

I realize the big names are scary and bring about much commotion. But i had every intention of trading away all of the pieces in this trade as the names bring a Kings ransom while the on field production was falling well short.

My championship team was built around the Austin Eckler, Tyler Boyd, Michael Gallup and John Brown types. Was fortunate to get in and out on guys with good timing.

To understand how this trade worked you would have to really delve into the nitty gritty. John Brown has a sic schedule over the first 5 weeks after the trade. (Which he rocked). Saquon and Davante had week 10 byes while mahomes had the potential to miss week 10. That’s the week the guy making the trade would have been playing me, for all intents and purposes flipping one loss to an auto win. A healthy Dalvin was outscoring a healthy Saquon by 6fpts per game, and Saquon was hurt. Both Davante and Mixon were underachieving to start the season. Green Bay’s newly found run game coupled with Davantes turf toe made him look like a potential bust. Meanwhile, Mixon’s O-Line was Swiss cheese and he looked like the bottom dropped out. (He was valued as a second round rb preseason mind you, not exactly chop liver despite no one wanting to mention him.)

All kinds of other details went into evaluating this trade like Mahomes perceived nightmare playoff schedule, Green Bay’s suddenly stout defense, the giants falling out of playoff contention early, etc.

All that is to say, this guy literally had some terrible luck.

He needed to make some moves.

And while everyone seems to think he should have gotten more for his injured superstars, I’m not sure anyone else actually would have traded him anything of more value. (In fact, as tight as our league generally is, I can pretty much guarantee it)

I obviously could go on and on about this trade, I researched it for weeks, but I would encourage you guys to not get too attached to the names in trades. Look at the stats without their names attached if you need help staying objective. I was all over Smoke in multiple leagues this year and it paid off. As did trading for Mixon when he was down.

Maybe a good question is, what do you think you would have offered for those guys at that time. (You can google Fantasy Pros Trade Value Chart week 5, 6, and 7 to get a feel of where their values really were around that time.)

Would you have traded Dalvin straight up for an injured and underachieving Saquon?

What would you give up the night after mahomes got injured when info was still sparse to get him? (Most likely 3 weeks but possibly out for season, and bye at fifth week so may Sit him at least through that. Oh, and he had not been doing as well and looked off since he sprained his ankle a couple games before that)

What level RB were you really going to give up for an underachieving Davante Adams in a suddenly ground bound offense when he had turf toe.

All just interesting things to think on. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

I’m sure we’ll have another issue like this in a year or two. Hopefully next time the trade won’t involve me so I can remind the fellas of the rules they signed up for and we can move on.

Sounds like you made a good move when people were hurt and people are mad they didn’t do it

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Sorry. For redraft it would suck to be the other teams but I would have no problem. And that’s possibly why I’m only doing dynasty. I generally try to avoid leagues that facilitate collution like play all and multi week finals (two weeks score for the semi and finals) best ball without head to head and two year picks trade. Because that would be the only point to argue against a trade in redraft.

As a more general pow I believe that trades that other team makes always look more unbalanced since you don’t have a direct stake.


We have weekly payouts through the end of playoffs and a toilet bowl which culminates in the loser wearing a cheerleader outfit to the the bar the night out of our destination draft. We also do our best to make sure this experience is as painful as possible so they will know not to do it again. :wink:

Also, the final standings after playoffs determine the order in which the guys get to pick their rooms at the house for the destination draft. (Although now that we’re all older the guys at the bottom end up just paying for the house and getting hotel rooms rather than sleep on the couch or the floor.)

Has done a very good job of keeping everyone fully engaged throughout the entire season. :+1: