Sterling Shepard for Marvin & Kirk?

Current roster:

Big Ben (or best available stream of the week)
AP, Mark Ingram, Duke Johnson, Marlon Mack
Dez, Sterling, Tyreek, Crabtree, Robert Woods
Hunter Henry, Jared Cook

I’m a complete believer that Sterling will be a top 12 WR throughout the end of the year. However, streaming a QB weekly is risky business getting in to the playoffs. I need someone I can rely on. Is Kirk that guy? I’m not sure. His week 16 matchup is against Denver. He has some other tough ones in between.

Thanks for your help, FootClan.

Is this in ppr? I still think I’d do it.

Yes, it is PPR.
I’m leaning towards accepting the trade as well.

I would do it, upgrades your QB by a ton since ben hasn’t been doing well lately or maybe all season. Also adding marvins just adds more depth to your roster in the WR position.

I’m not a fan of Cousins’ playoff schedule but he’d still be an upgrade over Big Ben. For me it would depend on what other QBs are on your wire. If there is one I’m comfortable with I wouldn’t do it but if they’re all gone then I would do the trade.

I wouldnt take this. You are better just streaming QB’s kirk has a bad playoff schedule IMO. Shepard is very underrated.