Sterling Shepard or Funchess

Funchess in a tough matchup with xavier rhodes and greg olsen being back to take some targets away makes it a tough matchup. He’s had double digit points in my 1/2 point ppr every game since KB was traded though. Had a bad game until a garbage time td last week with no marshon lattimore so that worries me. Eli is back and shepard matches up with a bad cowboys secondary. Giants offense is bad though but i expect them to be down and throwing it quite a bit. Who should I start? I already have crabtree locked in at one spot with peters out and cooper probably not playing

this week SS 100%

ROS weeks 15 on Funchess 100%

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Thanks for the insight. I’m leaning towards shepard but i’m a start your studs type of guy and funchess has been wr5 in the last month. Tough to bench a guy with that kind of production

True. However, if you look at Shepard before the migraines he was also playing at “stud” level since becoming the #1 WR. After the migraines he got Geno at QB which probably felt like a migraine. I’m in the same boat as you, and I am rolling with Shepard this week. Still considering Scrumptious at the flex though…

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See a week ago my plan was to throw one in the flex but now that alf morris had that monster game i’m starting him in the flex, Would you throw funchess in over morris in the flex?

Morris against a bad Giants D that has quit and is in turmoil over Funchess in a garbage matchup.

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No. I’d go with Morris there. I am having to put a WR in at the flex with Ingram probably sitting this week. I am looking at Dez, Goodwin, or Funchess…

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Xavier vs funchess. Not good

Ride the pine Scrumptious

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What about marvin jones eating up xavier rhodes on turkey day? The guy isn’t invincible. Plus if you watched the game last week julio left some plays on the field for sure. Had a few drops that could have gone for big gains. Rhodes is beatable definitely a tough matchup though.