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Sterling Shepard vs Sammy Watkins


Would you prefer Shepard or Watkins for rest of season in a 10 team standard? I think they’re in very similar situations in some ways, but I can’t decide which I’d rather have.


Shepard. I was hoping watkins would change but it’s looking like last year all over again. If he does nothing this week i’m cutting him in any league i have him.


Watkins probably still has more trade value than Shepard, but if I need to play one it’s Shepard.


There is little to no trading in this league. It’s a casual home league. So basically it’s which one I think can help me more. Neither of them are going in this week.


If you’re not planning on trading him I would probably lean Shepard. I will say though, one thing that goes overlooked sometimes is snap counts. Watkins actually led the chiefs in snaps and they paid him $16MM/year. He does have potential and will have some weeks. Hill can’t score 3TDs and have 170 yards every week.


Drop both of them and get some talent on waiver wire