Sticky Situation

Starting WRs are Godwin and Lockett. Godwin is on a bye. WR sub options are rough: Beasley / A.Tate / MVS. Nothing out there on waivers Week 7 relevant.

Every Start / Sit out there is telling me Tate … But I like Buffalo against Miami better than Cin against Jax ( I picked Beasley up due to Week 7 & 11 WR byes, Miami matchups both weeks).

Don’t like MVS, Jones is my RB and I don’t want to bank on a single offense too hard.

What would you guys do?

Oh, full PPR btw

MVS might not even play. He’s not on my radar for week 7.

Prefer Tate over Beasley.


RedZone Targets:

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I’d probably go Tate as well. Either player could be average, but Tate has upside that Beasley doesn’t. That being said, I think John Brown was on the injury report this week so that might be something to watch because Beasley would be more interesting in that case.

Yeah, that’s fair.

But for all those red zone targets, he’s only actually caught 1. You gotta think about the Dalton vs Allen factor, right? I mean Buffalo is good team, Cincinnati is not (no offense, if you’re from Cincinnati).

It might seem like I’m pining over mediocre players, and I am! I had to sub in Freeman for CMC this week as well. He did all right for him, but not CMC #s.

Beasley probably gets you 8-12 points, Tate probably gets you like 6-15. Just depends if you want the higher floor or the higher ceiling. Buffalo will likely be up nicely by the second half so they’re going to go run-heavy for a big portion of the game which means the WRs might ghost you in the 4th Q.

Arggghhh! You’re probably right.

I haven’t lost yet, so I’m looking to go balls out for a boom or bust where it just doesn’t exist.

thanks for the nudge guys.

Good luck this week!

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