Still can't decide on this trade. Help!

I posted on this earlier, but I still haven’t been able to decide. Any additional input appreciated.

Full PPR. I was offered Melvin Gordon and Larry Fitzgerald for Alvin Kamara. Should I do it given the keeper consideration and my push towards the playoffs.

Additional Facts

  • This is a keeper league. I could keep Kamara in the 8th round next year, but would not be able to keep Gordon as he was drafted in the first round this year.
  • I’m currently in first place at 6-3 and leading the league in points scored by over 100 points
  • Current Roster:
    RB: Bell, Kamara, CJA, Gore, Montgomery, Conner
    WR: Hopkins, Tate, Robert Woods, Pryor
    TE: Jimmy Graham, Evan Engram

Kamara is great in PPR but how can you say no to Gordon? He’s been just as good and imo better than Kamara because he doesn’t split carries.

I know you’re thinking keeper for next year with Kamara but you could win a championship with Gordon and just keep him next year. Barring something crazy anyways I still think Gordon would have a higher ADP than Kamara next season.

EDIT: Sorry I missed the part about not being able to keep Gordon. My bad.

I wouldn’t do it. I think this move definitely would improve your chances of winning this season but the value of Kamara for an 8th next year is too good to pass up in my opinion. Sounds like at 6-3 and the most points scored by 100 you are in a great position already. I guess ultimately it comes down to how badly you want to win this season vs. how competitive you want to be the next few seasons. Personally I’d go for long term sustainability over win now.

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If anything try and get a better wr to help the the decline in value hopkins took. But I would roll with bell/kamara combo you have now and ride that into the playoffs. gordon is slightly injury prone as well so id stay with the rookie and the workhorse you have currently

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Does anyone’s opinion of this offer change after Fitz’s game last night?