STILL Holding David Johnson in IR slot.....can I finally let go?

I really need my IR slot back! Getting through all these byes has been rough and I’ve been holding DJ all season in the hopes he might come back early. Can I finally just let him go and feel OK about it?

Yes. Let’s be honest… even if he DOES come back, are you really banking on him having a better day than some other options you have? He isn’t going to come back before most teams are in playoffs. That means, if you play him, you run the risk of that being the only game in which he plays. How confident are you?

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I was all set to drop him a couple weeks ago and then I heard he had the cast off. I thought I might hold him just in case he got back a couple weeks after that…but it sounds like he still has a long way to go in terms of getting his strength and flexibility back. And I was able to pick up Greg Olsen off waivers so I really need that IR slot back. Guess I just need to hear I’m not crazy for dropping him. I have Gurley, McKinnon, Doug Martin, and Woodhead on the roster so I figure I can make a playoff run with that. Anyway, much appreciated.