Still Looking to Join a Startup Dynasty League

I know I just posted up here like a few days ago, but might as well give it another shot. I’ve been genuinely interested to join a startup dynasty league. Preferably a PPR (doesnt matter what kind) and done on ESPN because it just sounds way less convoluted there according to the Footballers. If anyone is doing a startup or has an open spot, please let me know ASAP

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same here my friend, let me know if you hear anything!

I am looking for one person to fill out our 12 team dynasty startup. Veteran Draft will be after the NFL draft, then rookie draft following that. $100 entry fee. Pays out top two and weekly high score. We are using My Fantasy League, but wanted to throw it out there anyway. Hit me up if interested.

I’m looking for some owners in a 12 team dynasty on ESPN full ppr but we do have three IDP slots. Most of us have not done IDP before and are looking forward to the challenge QB RB RB WR WR TE FLX FLX DST DL LB DB is the lineup

I could potentially be down for that. The IDP sounds super interesting, so that’d be fun.

Here is the IDP league chat if interested join and we will get you in You’re invited to my new group ‘IDP Wins Championships’ on GroupMe. Click here to join:

Hey dude,

I have a .5 ppr league through fleaflicker, it’s 10 man with a $10 buy in and winner take all. If youre interested I will drop you an email, let me know!

No Kicker either btw

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I would love to join