Still stuck with Amari Pooper

I’m really thin at WR. I have Hopkins, Valdes-Scantling, Callaway, and Pooper. I’ve been trying to trade him for weeks with no success. I know the logical decision is to play Amari over Valdes-Scantling but I am so tired of playing him and getting nothing back. Anyone have any thoughts on this dilemma? The top healthy receiver on waivers in my (deep) standard scoring league is probably Moncrief. Allison is also there but maybe not going to play. If I decide to bench Amari I would also need to pick up Allison as a backup. On top of that my opponent already has 19 points from Alshon Jeffrey so I have some ground to make up… I hate all of this week.

This was my third year in a row drafting him. No matter how many times he burns me I find him later in the draft and pick him up.

Package deal him? How’s your RB?
Trade with someone who needs help with their depth in RB, package in Cooper and snag an upgraded WR with a better floor?

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I know! I also drafted him really late. I am better with RBs- I offered Cooper and Powell last week for Calvin Ridley or Cooper Kupp but was rejected both times- maybe that was aiming too high? I also have Clement on my bench and he had an okay week so maybe next week I can try a trade with him. But for this week, I think I have no choice but to play Amari. The game is in London which are sometimes weird games so it feels like even more of a coin flip!

Last season I was in a league where one guy and I had an ongoing bet about whether it’d be Cooper or Crabtree week to week.
You just have to look at his matchup that week. If he’s against a good corner play nearly anyone over him. If it’s a corner who gets exploited a lot then you can plug him in and potentially get those 25 points.

But yeah. Clement + Cooper should yield a pretty decent trade. Sell it as trading for a workhorse back and a high upside WR who gets a lot of looks and you should be able to get a pretty good return. Especially someone hurting on RB.

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Thanks for the moral support! :slight_smile: I’m definitely going to try to make some moves again next week…

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lets pray amari cooper keeps having 1 bad and 1 good game, because this week is supposed to be good lol im trying to trade him too, if he sucks this week again, then not can be done, but if he has another 15+ points game, there might be someone believing in his talent

Well… an injury was probably the worst possible outcome. Lol. My only consolation is it wouldn’t have mattered as the rest of my team also didn’t score enough to even come close to my opponent this week. The only bright spot in the sinkhole that is the Raiders is Marshawn Lynch and even in Beast Mode he can’t carry the whole team.


Sorry for the luck!