Still waiting for the invite to megalabowl

Is anyone else still waiting for their invite to the megalabowl league? My email was dropped in before the close out and I have yet to receive anything since. Just curious if anyone else has got their confirmation or not?

I believe they said they had 700 slots and well over that many people that wanted in. Additionally, they mentioned having 1 moderator… So maybe he’s / they’re still combing through the emails to send invites out?
I wish ya luck either way though.

I have received a wait list email a few days ago

I got in in the 500’s on that list and haven’t received anything. Assuming its just a ton of work to go through though.

Yea I know I got my email in bc they cut it off and weren’t accepting anymore but I was able to drop mines in long before that occurred. Thx. Guess I’ll just have to stand by and hope it didn’t get overlooked.

Yep same here.