Still wondering if I drop Davis

Dude Corey Davis is annoying me lol feels like he’s wasting a spot on my bench and I don’t even feel he’s worth trading.

I have Adam Thielen and Devante Adams as my starters. Ty Hilton as a flex/backup. Tyler Boyd is emerging as a stud after two awesome performances. Also have Quincy E.

I wonder if I drop him and bolster my weaker RB core.

I have Kareem Hunt, Melvin Gordon as starters. Jordan Howard as a flex/backup. And James white who’s been a solid performer. Also Royce Freeman who has touchdown upside weekly.

It’s all dependent on who is on the waiver.

I get it… He has under performed and it feels like you need to drop him… But just take a step back and look at the situation… Mariota hasn’t been healthy… They have played good or great Def… MIA Is 3-0… Houstons D Is decent and Jax D is top notch.

So don’t just drop him to pick up Albert Wilson or some junk like that…
If there is someone actually good on the waiver than by all means pick them up and drop Davis… I think you have decent depth at both WR and RB… So if your really itching to drop him… I’d take a look at your QB or TE bye weeks(assuming you have a good one and aren’t streaming)… And if they are in the next 2-3 weeks… I’d look to pick up a solid black up NOW at a cheap price insteading of waiting for the week before…