Stills for Sanders

I have been offered Stills for Sanders plus a 3rd round rookie draft pick. Heard Cowboys interested in Sanders. He would be only 3rd behind Cooper and Gallup. Stills would be 2nd behind Fuller. I am inclined to accept the proposal because Hopkins is gone and Stills in his last year of the five year contract (should be incentive to play well). Need some footclan input on this one.



That is a tough one with so many moving parts. If Sanders lands in DAL I see that as a benefit. That said, Stills is always underrated and I like him now that there will be less in his way. Given we do not know where Sanders will go, but we know ATM Stills is with Watson, I would be inclined to take the Stills side but it is by no means a landslide.

Thanks, even if sanders goes to Dallas, he is #3 behind cooper and Gallup. Plus, there is always Elliott who handles a lot of snaps. Sanders will be #3 behind Debo and kittle.

Based in part on your comments. Will accept the offer.

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Happy to offer my thoughts. I hope they help your team!