Stills/Parker ROS?

Who is the better bet at this point? Would you drop Parker for Stills, or try to hold them both?

those 2 are so QB dependent its not great either way, if cutler starts/plays the most parker has higher upside, if moore starts/plays the most stills has the higher upside. not a great situation. I like stills more, but his numbers with moore at qb are way better than with cutty at qb

I am off the Parker wagon. Yesterday just showed me you cant trust him. If you have to pick between the two it depends who the QB is like Hanson said…

I think I’d go stills. Parker will draw the better CB, and Landry is the short/middle route preference, so until Parker starts to do that I’d take the deep ball guy who is not going to get as much of the defenses attention.