Stop me from tilting

FootClan for the third time in the last 4 years I have been top 3 in points in my main league and have missed the playoffs. And the time that I made it (last year) I had the best record and most points and lost in the first round. In fact I have only been outside the top 3 in points once in the entire history of this league (since 2012) and I only have 1 title to show for it. Please someone give me a reason to keep playing. i know Fantasy football is a game of odds and probability but I can’t help but feel that the deck is stacked against me lately. and yes I realize I’m just complaining at this point

Firstly, that sucks. There’s not much anything that can be said to make you feel better/untilt, but I would highly recommend playing in a league next season(or proposing to change your current league(s)) to play with an extra matchup against the league median, or a league where you play every team each week. It 100% eliminates the issue of having good teams miss playoffs. There are other alternatives but that is the best one imo. Good luck next season and hope you can untilt!

A friend of mine always says it’s a scratch off ticket. I have Lamar and only made the playoffs because of a loss even though he is setting fantasy records. I wondered for years why in our divisions guys won with 80 or 90 and I scored 120 or more and lost. It’s the reason I play and you have one title? That’s more than some guys who are hardcore and they have been playing for years. Odds are in your favor with the way you score and play. You’ll be fine