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Stragety for ff


Is it beneficial to have the quaterback of the opponents team’s WR on your team to help offsset some points?

ALA EVANS and Winston?


Bump curious on yalls dhtoughts


The opponents defensive strength is more important than playing the QB of opponents best WR…

Jameis Winston has a great matchup this week against a bad Atlanta defense so he is a good start…

But if your asking me if I would start him over Mahomes/Brady/Rodgers I would not do that…

It is situational. This week he has good matchup so worth a play…

In general though, I play the matchup rather than worrying about trying to roster the QB from the other teams best WR…

So this week it works because he has a good matchup,


bump for more insight. THanks


My opponent has Evans ina juicy matchup. good to play winston as a strategy>?


I just picked up djax as well for thi smatchup. cross fingers