Straight trade advice!

Hey guys,

Currently sitting on a trade offer that would take place after this coming weekend. My league is full PPR, and the trade would be Jordan Howard for Jay Ajayi. Howard has been a work-horse for me all season, but Ajayi looked like he could have a dominant ROS with philly. I still have Shady, Fournette and AP for RBs.

Chicago is all run and barely passes honestly. You give that up for the better offense and hope they feature more run than passing. If you’re locked and loaded for RB depth and can take a shot I say do it. Otherwise Howard is a safe play

I feel like you can get alot more of Howard I’d package howard and AP and try to get a top of the line guy wr or rb

I honestly don’t see the hype in ajayi he had one big run where as his replacements in Miami had just as long of a run on a worse offensive line I’d stick with Howard

I mean, Philly has the 3rd best rushing average team overall. Sure, it was a RBBC but I feel that has a lot to do with Blunt not having much success. Ajayi busted a 46 yard TD against that Denver run defense which isn’t as bad as he made them look. Winter is also approaching and I think Philly will start relying on their run game even more.

You can get more for howard… seems like ur set on rbs id trade for wrs if u need any

My WRS are Landry, Alshon, Thielan , D. Adams and S. Shepard. I might try and package something else in return for Howard to upgrade at WR.

How do you all feel about Gurley+wr2 for Kamara+Hunt?

Are you trading for Kamara and Hunt? What does the rest of your team look like?

I am trading Gurley+wr2/3 (Probably Crowder) for Hunt+Kamara. Looking at week 14-16 matches. I am 6-3

QB - Tyrod (had Rodgers)
RB’s - Gurley, Ajayi, Mixon
Wr’s - Tate, Landry, Cooper, Funchess, Anderson, Davis, Samuel, Crowder, Corey Colman on IR
TE - Engram
K - Gostowski
Def - Denver

I like it. Kamara has been such a good fit with Sean Payton’s offense and their schedule for Playoffs. That Hunt, Kamara Ajayi trio would be deadly in my opinion. Definitely, try looking for the Ravens DST on waivers this week lol I, unfortunately, drafted Denver DST too :frowning:

Ya in my other league I have Jacksonville and just got Baltimore off waivers today for this week.

I was just worried about giving up Gurley to another 6-3 team before playoffs and hunt+ajayi on bye this week.

Gurley has a rough first two weeks in the playoffs that hopefull could cost the 6-3 guy his season since he’s trading away Hunt & Kamara. Try reaching out to him accepting the trade but not until Tuesday.