Straight vs snake draft

I run a 16 team semi-keeper league. We keep 1-QB, 1-RB and 1-WR every year. Since we went to the keeper system we have been doing a straight draft in the interest of giving the less fortunate teams a chance to get better. Our roster spots are QB, RB, WR, W/T flex, W/R flex, TE, K, def, 4 bench and IR. We have a mix of die hard fantasy football managers and casual fans. In a league set up like this which draft is truly better? With the way our keepers are set up its not as cut and dry. I get asked every year about changing it and i would love some outside opinions.

Straight makes more sense in dynasty or leagues where the draft order is determined by the previous year’s standing, but even in that situation it heavily favors the teams at the front of the draft rather than the back.

In keeper situations, even the worst teams usually have a few studs worth keeping, so if anything it looks like you penalize the teams that do well. If we take QB’s out of the scenario since they aren’t valued nearly as much as RB’s and WR’s (difference between the 20th QB and the 10th is fairly negligible) and everyone keeps there best WR/RB, that’s the top 36 players taken off the board. This means the draft is starting with RB2’s and WR2’s as well as depth pieces and TE’s being the first picks off the board. The guy who won the previous year might have the same value in his keepers as the guy who lost, but he has to go last just because he won. At least if it’s snake then he get’s the opportunity to build some mid-round depth rather than bottom of the barrel every round.

TLDR; Snake is better in redraft leagues as it gives equal opportunity, Straight only makes sense in redraft if the pick order is based on the previous year’s record with no keepers

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Mostly agree with @jtess72.

Straight drafts apply to where the bulk of one’s team does not change (dynasty or leagues with 10/15+ keepers)

A redraft league with 3 keepers should always be a snake draft.

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Thanks for your help. I will bring this to my league for a rule change.

Some things I personally have found work to get worse teams better and keep things interesting is give them waiver priority to keep it even. Example: team in last place gets first waiver wire priority, next is 2nd to last and so on all the way to first place who gets last priority. It’s unorthodox for sure but it keeps teams semi- even and keeps everyone setting lineups. Also I would snake draft personally as it keeps it even for everyone. It promotes trades and keeps all teams somewhat competitive. That’s just my 2¢