Strategic Benching Question

I am up by six points right now. My opponent has no one left and I have the Texans D/ST, Should I bench the texans to ensure my victory (aka not taking the risk of the D/ST getting negative points) or should I play them for the extra points.

I am currently 7-4, have the most points in the league, and the next highest opponent in the standings is 77 points behind me (He is also 7-4).

Let me know your thoughts. Thanks!

I don’t think the Texans will score -7 against Baltimore… If they were playing the eagles or saints maybe but even then. … I think you will be fine to keep them in.

But if there is nothing to gain for 0-10+ extra points and there is alot to lose like a round 1 bye or a lower speed.

Then why leave it up to chance at this point of the season.

Hope that helps.

Ye as you’re so far ahead on points I’d play an empty bench and take the knee for a win.

I agree with the others. Go with the empty defense spot and take a knee.

Oh my mistake I’m actually up 8 points not 6, but I don’t think that changes your answers right? Thanks for the responses guys!

you already won. take the knee