Strategic Question on Playing a QB based on opponents receivers

So i’m sure many have been in this position before where you have a QB and your opponent has their number 1 or 2 WR or even TE. Would you start a QB simple based off of that? Is that a strategic move?

This week I have Goff, my opponent has Cupp and Everett. I also own Robert Woods. So with this match up I have 2 players for the Rams who can’t get the ball unless Goff throws it to them. So is that smart to play Goff in this situation as almost a strategic move. I currently have Josh Allen as my QB but considering changing it based off of that thinking.

Changing the QB isn’t going to change the points your opponent gets. You have to roll with your best players. If you sit Goff and he has a big day and most of it is to Woods, you will be pissed. As far as strategy, I would always prefer to have the WR in that situation but you have to start Goff if he is your best option.

I understand it wouldn’t change the points my oppents get, but i just seen it as, if Cupp or Everett get points, i will also get the points too. My other option for QB is Josh Allen.

Considering starting TY Johnson over Robert Woods. Other WR’s are Evans and Chark.

Thanks for the input