Strategy for PPC (points per completion) league

Hey guys, I just wanted to get some thoughts and advice on a strategy for a point per completion league. Maybe some of you have even played in a league like this before. So in my work league this year the commissioner decided to make things a little more interesting. The league is already full point PPR but this year he has also made it a full point per completion which obviously increases the value at QB. The starting rosters are a bit different as well. The commissioner hates the TE position so he took it out completely. You can still play a TE at one of the FLEX spots but it’s not a requirement. So the starting lineup looks like this:
1 QB
2 RB
2 WR
3 FLEX (wr/rb/te)
1 Kicker

My question is, what round should I now target a QB and also what do you guys think would be the best QB’s to target in this scoring format? I already plan on going WR heavy in the draft. Some call it the “zero RB” strategy and I’m not going to touch a RB until about the 5th round UNLESS I get one of the first three draft spots in which I will likely take Kamara, CMC, or Barkley. Otherwise, I want to load up on WR (and possibly Kelce if he’s available at the right time) since there are so many FLEX spots. I’m just trying to get the QB strategy figured out.

It honestly doesn’t change anything. You need to think about it in terms of RELATIVE scoring. Not absolute. Even though this makes QB score a lot, ALL QBs will be scoring a lot. I personally wouldn’t change my QB strategy at all and still go with late round QB.

The only difference is I would avoid low passing volume offenses. For example, LJax who i absolutely love in standard scoring formats, i would avoid because he just doesn’t throw the ball enough and the completion bonus negates LJax’s running floor. Same with Dak, Trubisky, etc.

Outside of the obvious mahomes, volume pocket passers would move up my draft board. My favorite targets in this format would be Ryan and Winston.

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Okay yeah I was definitely planning on avoiding the QB’s that you mentioned. What do you think about my strategy to go WR heavy? I normally don’t do this, in fact I’ve always scoffed at the idea of the “zero RB” type of strategy but I’ve been trying it in some mock drafts and it’s actually not turned out too bad and considering the fact that there are 3 FLEX spots I feel like this would be a time to try it. I may go WR, WR (or TE if Kelce still there in the 2nd), WR, RB, WR to cover the first 5 rounds…or I could hold out on the RB until 5th or 6th. I’ve usually been ending up with some sort of combination of Coleman, Murray, Sanders, D. Montgomery when using this strategy in mocks. Thoughts?

You’re talking to the biggest ZeroRB proponent in these forums. I love zero RB but only when picking from late so I can get 2x tier 1 WRs.

But never lock into a plan. Let draft flow to you. If Kamara falls to you at the late 1st obv take him. I typically don’t consider RBs until like the 6th round or later

Oh yeah, my strategies are ALWAYS subject to change depending on what’s going on at the time. I agree, the late first round picks seem to be the spot for this strategy. Who are some of the RB’s you are targeting with this strategy by not taking any until the 5th/6th rounds?

Last year, I did a ZeroRB thread on these forums and will be doing a rinse/repeat this year around sometime next week. Someone else just asked me to do it as well so I’ll put that out. This year, I think the middle rounds are actually a bit thin but guys I like right now in the middle rounds are Michel, Drake, Ekeler, Henderson, Sanders (meh).

Guys I like in late rounds are: Duke, Breida, Pollard, Thompson, Barber, Ty Mont.

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Awesome man I’d love to check that out. Thanks for your input/advice!

I just did the zero RB strategy in my dynasty startup and loved the outcome… it’s a double flex so I ended up with Julio, Davante, Amari, and B Cooks. I ended up trading Amari and Cooks for Chubb/D.J. Moore and some fillers. So it should be pretty easy for you to target a RB heavy team if you’re not satisfied with your RBs… I ended up getting Lindsay, Mark Ingram, and Marlon Mack so I could’ve stayed put but I wanted Chubb for the long run

But I’d still go late round QB, Jameis was basically free and his projections look the same as Watson who was picked in the first 4 rounds

@Optimus_PRIME_TIME just wrote up the post. Can check it out if you want: