Strategy for rest of this week..I had Cooper last night, opponent had Zeke and Monty, who do I start?

So I’m off to a good start this week. My opponent got a good game out of Zeke and a bad game out of Monty. Cooper Kupp will be my other WR and my two RB’s will be Dalvin Cook and Melvin Gordon. Assuming all is well with Cook, I need to decide on my flex. I’m torn between Singletary and Alshon. Singletary feels safer with the rushing floor, but you could almost argue that Alshon is in an even better position due to the match up and him being the only competent receiving option on the Eagles. Other options are Adam Thielen, who I don’t think I can play (risky business) and James White who also has a good matchup for his play style. thoughts?