Strategy for small league with few moves

Looking for some advice about a league I have been in for awhile with people who don’t like change:
QB, RB, RB, WR, WR, TE, K, DEF and 6 bench spots
10 teams

Tricky part is you only get 10 moves for the whole year, including playoffs.
In the past I have drafted 1 QB, K, DEF, TE, but that costs 4 moves to fix over the course of the year if I want to put full rosters in.
Idea 1 - Try to put at least 2, and up to 4 of those positions with same bye week and simply punt that week. Tricky for sure. Note that 6 of 10 make playoffs
Idea 2 - Focus on players that don’t get hurt and don’t have byes early. Try to use no more than 1 move first 4 weeks and then be able to shuttle the 1 position players in-out.
Idea 3 - Draft multiple QBs and/or TEs - worry less about WR perhaps since only 20 start in a week, so there are always good options.

Any other thoughts?

My first advice to you would not to play in a league where there is a limit to the # of transactions you can do. I would absolutely hate that. Alas, we love our friends and make sacrifices sometimes. I’d plan to go for 2QB and 2TE and deal with D/ST & K when their BYE weeks arise. Or maybe just 1QB 2TE. Sacrificing a week to stacking BYEs is not something I would want to do. Obviously you want as much RB/WR depth as possible but with these unique settings you don’t have many options. Treat this league as a best ball league for the most part I guess, but don’t draft any Injured or injury prone players.

Thanks for the advice. League been going for 12 years (and i have won 3) but the move limit is so aggravating. If nothing else we should just add 2 bench spots.

But you are definitely right about not drafting injured or spec guys.