Strategy for when you opponent has a players teammate?

I have Thomas & my opponent have Sanders, does anyone have a specific strategy when you opponent has a playmaker on one of your players teams?

I dont see a strategy with WR’s, at least you have Thomas who I think better upside then Sanders.

The only similar scenario I have been in: if opponent has stud WR and you have their QB,
I had that last year but didnt put Dak in against his Dez, I was hurting with injuries I was thinking if Dez scores so does Dak, and I might keep up with his team a little better.
I went Mariota instead and Dak would have won it for me… hindsight I know

I don’t know if there’s anything to it. I’m starting Diggs this week and my opponent is starting Thielen. Didn’t really contemplate a change. I have Hilton on my bench but didn’t pivot to him.