Strategy help. What to do with questionable players?

So I’ve got Kamara listed as Q. I’ve got Mclaurain in the flex right now. I’ve got Chase Edmonds on my bench awaiting word on whether DJ will play. How to navigate this being that Mclaurain plays tonight.

Ideally Kamara and Edmonds play and I can put Edmonds in my flex. But that flex spot is gone if I put Mclaurain in it. I’m thinking I sub Mclaurain out and put DJ Moore in and hope Kamara plays. If Kamara is out I put Edmonds in and ride with DJ.

Any thoughts on how you would navigate this? I’d prefer to play Mclaurain over Moore but don’t want to lose the opp to play Kamara and Edmonds if Edmonds gets the start.

If you start Mclaurain tonight, they should be in a WR spot, not the Flex. Not sure if that is the Jenga piece that makes the rest lineup work.

Otherwise can you include your starting requirements and roster?

Bench D.J. he’s going up against a top D. McLaurin has more upside and is the offense for Washinton

I’ve got Boyd and Golladay in my WR spots. Mclaurain in my flex. Kamara and Cook in my RB spots.

Bench is DJ Moore, Edmonds, Emmanuel Sanders, Damien Williams.

So its about how to properly gamble on whether or not Johnson gets the start and bulk of carries for AZ on Sunday and whether Kamara will play or not.

Thanks for clarifying your roster and starting info.

I’d bet against DJ playing in week 8.

Edmonds would be in the flex spot, if this was me.

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So I’d probably be smart to move Edmonds to the RB, Kamara to the Flex and then be able to sub Kamara out for Moore or Sanders (probably Moore though), if he isn’t able to go right?

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I totally agree… except they both play Sunday…at the same time… against each other.
If you were going to make a move it would be 90 minutes prior to game time and could swap players as needed. Otherwise yes.

The flex spot does not indicate it is your “least good” player starting that week. It’s the last player starting. If rostered, I always put Monday night or Sunday night players in the Flex.

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Thank willis. I guess the plan is put Kamara in the flex and hope the news on him or DJ playing comes out before the game unlike last week.